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Shangri La Resort Boracay - The Ultimate Experience

Shangri La Resorts are known the world over for their quality and 5 star sophistication. The chains relatively new Boracay experience first opening in 2009.  This facility features 30 acres of pristine luxury, good enough to spoil even the most critical of vacationers.  

Situated on the less populated northern part of the small hugely popular Island of Boracay.  Shangri La Resort Boracay is an exclusive experience where you will find peace and solitude from the heavy crowds that typically flock to the lower half of the island. The resort is located in the most stunning and tranquil spot, surrounded by lush green hillsides which are actually part of a special Philippine eco-reserve.

Arrival and the Check-in Experience

Start your journey at the resorts welcome lounge located at the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, located on the northern tip of the adjacent much larger island of Panay at Caticlan.  Then sit back and enjoy the 30 minute private speedboat ride traversing the white beaches of Boracay, arriving at Shangri La Resort’s check-in area. 

As you enter the open-air pavilion lobby where you’ll go through the hotel registration process, you are greeted to Tropical breezes and natural jungle sounds as you are surrounded by the ultimate island resort experiences.
As you look around at the plethora of exotic tropical enhancements, you’ll look up at a steeply high pitched roof open-air reception area with coral stone features, Asian pottery, native wooden sculptures, huge tribal drums and local art throughout.  These accoutrements significantly add to the full blown tropical exotic experience. The idea here is to entirely encompass your senses with nature and beauty for the ultimate in check-in experiences.

The Room Experience

The rooms are just as magnificent as the lobby with equally impressive amenities such as handwoven textiles of abaca weave rugs, local capiz shells throughout and fantastic artwork framed with island items such as boat oars.  If you are looking for a private villa, you are sure to enjoy those with their own pools, situated very close to the ocean.  


The Recreation and Shopping Experience

You will be offered every opportunity to exercise your body muscles as well as your senses.  There are plenty of activities to keep busy and fit.  If you’d like some rigorous exercise, then you can book the tennis court at check-in or any time during your stay.  But tennis is far from the only activity to enjoy.  The stunning waters are perfect for a multitude of sea activities, everything you can imagine from kayaking to parasailing and deep sea diving are available. Some additional activities include a snorkeling safari, dragon boat ride, nature adventure walk, Tai Chi, mat Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, cardio mix class, aqua fit class, couple’s massage workshop, a ping-pong competition, 9-ball tournament, a KTV hour and more.  If you would like to partake in the hustle and bustle of the Boracay shopping and nightlife experience there is a free 30 minute shuttle service that takes you to the center of the island where the adrenaline level is at a maximum. 

The Dining Experience

Imagine enjoying the finest of culinary delights while bathed in a sunset of luscious bouncing light from the bleach white sand and pristine emerald waters of Boracay Island.  The restaurant at Shangri La Boracay is called Rima, maintains the tradition of quality and elegance of the resort chain’s world class facilities.  To ensure the most stunning views, this restaurant is situated at the treetop level overlooking the island and ocean.  Romance and elegance abound as you are treated to some of the freshest and finely prepared food on the island.

The after dinner experience of beachfront cocktails is just as you expected as you have enjoy your tropical drinks at one of two stunning beach locations.  The Solana lounge in where you can claim your own private cabana while sipping one of the best Mai Tia’s of your life.

The Staff Experience

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have your own personal assistant?  Vacationers are looking to be pamper and catered to. The staff at Shangri La Boracay take friendly to a whole new level. They will cater to your every whim and perform above and beyond your expectations. Anything arrangements or other requests you have, they will make every possible effort to obtain.



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