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Remembering Subic's History

If you are in the right age demographic, Subic Bay may elicit memories of whitely clad sailors on the decks of behemoth, grey military vessels maneuvering to port.  Subic’s history stands proud as one of the most important naval outposts of the last century.  The U.S. Navy depended on Subic’s deep water port as an important base for training, repair and staging for several wars that helped determine world history. 

Renovated for Tourism

Mount Pinatubo and the Philippine Senate’s decision not to renew the long-enduring Foreign Bases Agreement could not keep down an era of bygone war infrastructure.  Subic Bay is today a thriving Freeport Zone spanning almost 14,000 hectares.  Today, for the most part, the cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers are gone, but Subic continues to thrive.   Now, Subic is a land of world class amusement parks, resorts, hotels, casinos, golf courses, restaurants, night life along with the remnants of war relics to remember the past.

Things to Do in Subic

Fun times at Subic consist of memories on or with jet skis, banana boats, kayaks, wind-surfers, zip lines, survival training, wild tiger safaris’, dolphin and sea lion shows, scuba diving, horseback riding, mountain hiking, go-cart racing, golfing, tennis, track and field sports and a growing body of fun and adventurous activities. 

Zoobic Safari

There are few places in the world where you can get up close and personal with a Siberian Tiger at feeding time. Zoobic Safari will bring you one on one with wild and exotic animals at many different venues. A few of these include safari rides, wild animal shows and zip line adventures high above the park.  Zoobic allows you direct interactions with exotic animals roaming in their natural habitat and in venues where you may even get a chance to hold a young tiger cub.

On the wild animal safari, riders experience the adrenalin rush of sharp tiger teeth in your face as one of your guides feeds the giant felines just inches from your face. 

One of Zoobic’s latest attractions allows participants to soar high above the park on zip lines like a super hero with wild exotic animals beneath your feet. 

There are many more fascinating and educational attractions at the park that will keep you busy an entire day. 

Courtesy Flickr - CC License - danny O.

Ocean Adventure

Subic is the proud location of a world class amusement park known throughout Southeast Asia for its intelligent dolphins and sea lion shows.  Ocean Adventure has been in existence for many years and is one of the first amusement parks in the Subic area. 

Here you can find attractions and experiences to fit almost any budget.  Some of their featured shows include Dolphin Tales, Sea Lion Show, Walk on the Wild Side and the African Acrobats.  Some of Ocean Adventure’s interactive animal encounters include the Sea Lion Swim Encounter, Swim with Dolphins, Dolphin Beach Encounter, Dive with Dolphins, Family Dolphin Experience, Shark and Turtle Adventure, Shark Turtle and Jack Dive and the ultimate, Animal Trainer Adventure. 

If you prefer a more tame experience out of the water, then there are a number of Photo Encounters with sea lions and dolphins available.  If you’d rather simply observe from behind the glass, then the Aquariums are your safest bet. Both the Ocean Discovery Aquarium and the Sea Trek Aquariums will entertain, teach and fascinate both young and old.

Courtesy Flickr - CC LicenseRenzelle - Mae Abasolo

Treetop Adventure

There is only one way to do the Subic jungle: “from the treetops.”  Treetop adventure is for the adrenaline junkie, adventure tourist or just plain bored individual looking for excitement.  The tall canopy trees of the impressive Subic forest provide the perfect back drop for military style zip line rides of all types. A wide range of adventure awaits.  From the serene and peaceful canopy basket ride at the high treetop level, to the exponentially more adventurous Superman Ride where you soar from tree to tree while suspended horizontally, facedown covering 2 platforms each up to 140 meters long and 100 meters high.

If you make it to Subic, be sure to pay homage to the tens of thousands of military personnel who have been stationed and trained vigorously here by experiencing some of the types of activities they did. Treetop Adventure is not for the faint hearted, but it is for the experiential individuals wanting to take with them an accomplishment and memory of a lifetime.  

Nightlife on Many Levels

Subic offers all of the excitement and opportunity of the big city.  Between the Subic zone and the outlying area of Olongapo, the bars and night-spots are many and varied.  You can stroll the more family friendly Subic boardwalk within the Freeport while dining and dancing to live bands and DJs or you can experience the more adult oriented bars and clubs of Olongapo.   See if you have what it takes to be on American Idol at the local karaoke spots, or simply go to a local concert hall or cinema to catch the latest romantic comedy.
Treetop Adventure s

Subic is not Limited to Tourism and Adventure

But the economic engine of Subic consists of much more than tourist and recreational businesses, Subic is also home to many industries.  Over 1000 businesses employing tens of thousands of workers in ecofriendly and environmentally correct industries. Subic maintains strict green rules that allow industry to mix with recreation and nature in a symbiotic relationship that maintains the integrity of the Freeport Zone. 


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