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Palawan - Land of Enchantment

Palawan is an extraordinary delight situated at the west-most boundary of the Philippines islands, southwest of the capital city Manila. The weather is suitable for travelers who love the fusion of golden sun, pristine, aqua blue and turquoise green waters, and some of the Philippines finest white sand beaches. Many resort islands attempt to imitate this beauty but few measure-up to the absolute wonder and incredible paradise.

Traveling to Palawan

Palawan is, in terms of land area, the largest island in the Philippines, with 1,703,075 hectares of pristine natural beauty and restful splendor. Adding to the reasons to visit is the fact that the island has a population of only 892,660, according to the 2007 census. Puerto Princesa, the provincial capital, is physically the largest city in the country. This sprawling capital city has been awarded the Cleanest and Greenest City in the Philippines award three times. The people in Palawan are disciplined, friendly, and they tend to live a rather simple life. The religion of this region, as in most of the rest of the Philippines is predominantly Roman Catholic. Tagalog is the main language, although Cuyonon, Ilonggo, Tausug, Batak, Tagbanwa, Palawano, and Kagayen are spoken by the natives. The people of Palawan, although to a lesser degree, can also communicate in English, significantly improving to the ease of tourism experience.

When You Get There

Honda Bay is one of the premier destinations in Palawan. It is composed of several islets owned by the government, and others owned by private investors. Pandan, Snake and Starfish Islands are the usual beaches to visit. These wonderfully unspoiled beaches are not crowded, the water unbelievably clear, and the marine life very diverse. Pandan Island resort is privately owned but is perhaps the most relaxing spot. You'll find the rental cottages are sturdy, clean, and big. Here, only a few feet from the shore, the water becomes rather deep very quickly. It is best to rent snorkeling equipment to see the vast variety of untouched marine life and coral reefs all about Palawan. Bring bread to attract the fish, and watch in amazement as numerous schools appear out of nowhere to enjoy a bite.

Relics of Early Humans found in Palawan

Twenty two thousand years ago, one of the earliest human relics, the Tabon Cave Man, was found on the Philippine island of Palawan. This arpeggio's history is rich and diverse and if you visit, you will find the people of Palawan have managed to impeccably preserved their culture. The name Palawan has origins in the Chinese word, "Pa Lao Yu," which means "safe harbor"--aptly name for the many docks found around the island.

Best Time To Visit Palawan

The best time to visit this lush, tropical, pristine island of Palawan is from October to May when the temperatures are most moderate allowing for an ideal climate of fun and sun. The temperature averages around 30 degrees centigrade and rain during this period is rare. The off-peak season, according to local tour guides, is from September to November.

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Snorkeling in these islands felt like being inside an aquarium, only with more kinds of fish. It would be a good idea to bring an underwater camera to capture the crowded scene below, and sunblock to protect the skin because Honday Bay is definitely not something to be missed when visiting Palawan.

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The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, or more popularly known as the Underground River, is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that is located in Palawan. This makes the island popular among divers and individuals with a thirst for adventure

Philippines Palawan Travel  tubbataha reef
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Tubbataha Reef, the Philippines' only marine natural park and a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site encompasses 239,000 acres (968.24 sq. km) and is located in Palawan



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